What To Do After You Get Your Lemonade Renters Coverage

Phew! You’re insured, so test that off your large to-do record.

However you should still have some burning questions – so we whipped up this cheat sheet to be sure you get probably the most out of your Lemonade insurance coverage coverage, and it’s personalized to suit your life-style.

Skim by way of it, or jump over to the sections you wish to double down on.

On this information, you’ll study:

1. How to add your spouse/family members

2. How to add an Interested Party

3. How to add Extra Coverage for valuables

4. How to add an Additional Insured

5. How to add your significant other

6. How to adjust your policy/coverage

7. How to change your deductible

8. How billing works

9. What Giveback is

10. How to renew my policy 

11. How to cancel a policy 

However earlier than we dive in, be sure you obtain the Lemonade app. It’ll take you a minute, and can open up a treasure chest of enjoyable issues you are able to do to additional customise your coverage. (Yeah, we simply stated insurance coverage is enjoyable.) Plus, in case you ever must make a Lemonade declare, you’ll want the app helpful to file it on the spot.

When you’ve downloaded the app, learn on to verify your insurance coverage coverage displays your wants.

1. Methods to add your partner/relations

So, who does your insurance policy cover? In general, know that all residents of your household who are related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption are automatically covered. 🙂

In insurance-speak, we call them ‘named insureds,’ and there is no extra cost for adding ‘em to your policy. If you’d like to name your spouse to your policy:

1. Open your Lemonade app, and choose ‘My Insurance’ from the Settings menu.

2. Tap ‘Add-ons’ on the next screen and choose ‘add spouse.’

3. Fill in the details, and you’ll get a fresh copy of your policy with the updated names of your spouse straight to your inbox.

Note: your roommates aren’t covered under your insurance policy – tell ’em to get their own!


2. How to add an Interested Party

If you have a renters insurance policy, your landlord/property manager might ask you to add them to your policy so they can receive any relevant updates about your policy. In insurance-speak, we call this an ‘Interested Party.’ (BTW, other insurance-y names for this are: Party of Interest, Insurable Interest, Certificate Holder, etc.)

It takes approximately 28 seconds to add an Interested party:

1. Open your Lemonade app, and tap on your renters policy.

2. Tap ‘Add-Ons’ and toggle ‘Interested Party.’

3. Fill in your landlord’s name, address and email.

You’ll need to provide your landlord’s name, physical address, and email, so make sure to gather this info before heading to the app. Note: there’s no extra cost for adding their details as an Interested Party.

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