Tips on what to look for when renting a Campervan in New Zealand

Many people choose to rent Campervan or Motorhome when traveling due to the low cost of travel and the tremendous benefits it offers to families and groups traveling for special events.

The ability to plan and adjust your itinerary before departure or as you go is probably your single biggest benefit. If the weather changes, change your plans. If you enjoy stopping by and want to stay another day, you can. Travel to some places out of the way.

Perhaps you are interested in browsing. Maybe you’re bird watching…both types, maybe you’re attending an event like the International Rowing Championships or the 2011 Rugby World Cup or maybe you’re watching a bike race or a rally. Either way, when everything stops there. Make a cup of tea, have a snack or an afternoon nap. Take it out once and store food as you go. At local prices, not tourist prices.

The first thing to think about is the size of the car. Honestly, New Zealands roads are different from those in Europe or America. While we have good highways, most of the time you’ll be on two lanes…one lane in each direction. So a giant mobile home will be a challenge. You will need skill and vigilance. A good suggestion is to get the smallest truck you think you can fit.

Campervans trucks are usually commercial trucks that use the original truck body, and are equipped with camper gear. They often have “pop-up” ceilings and can be fully contained with a toilet and “grey” water collection tanks.

Mobile homes are usually much larger with structures specially designed to a high standard for this purpose. Almost all of them are self-sufficient. If a vehicle is certified as “self-contained” in New Zealand, you will have access to more camping sites. The level of these varies from . Fully equipped, with kitchens and recreation areas such as swimming pools, lounges, drop off stations, power and telephone connections and small grocery stores on site. To the absolute basics, where you’ll find water and possibly a long toilet (hole in the floor). So make sure you know what level of camp site you are going to visit.

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