The “content pack” trap and how to escape from it

“Content Package” is a term used by water and fire restoration contractors and insurance companies. It’s the process in which the contractor sends trucks, crates, and workers to your home. They pack all the damaged personal belongings in your home or business and move them back to their warehouse. Once personal belongings reach the warehouse, the contractor begins the cleaning and restoration process.

Insurance companies don’t like exchanging personal property. They would rather clean it or fix it and return it to you. This significantly reduces the cost of their claims, which makes them happy.

I have worked as an insurance investigator for over 16 years, and in the insurance industry for over 35 years. I have seen very few cases in which personal property that has sustained serious damage can be cleaned or repaired successfully. Most fires burn or pour toxic chemicals into personal property, such as wood or textiles. The same goes for flood loss. My personal opinion is that replacing damaged personal property is better than repairing or cleaning.

So, what is a trap?

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