Start a wedding car rental business

Starting a part-time wedding car rental business can be an excellent way to own and operate a classic or luxury car at very little or no cost. You can even get a free drive.

If your annual mileage is very low, (you may be retired or live close to where you work), operating a classic car as your only car can be profitable if you run a part-time rental car business.

If the vehicle was manufactured before January 1, 1973, there is no road tax to be paid. You can also get cheap classic car insurance with limited annual miles.

However, if your annual mileage is high and you need a fuel efficient car for regular use, you can buy another suitable wedding car rental and start this business for less than £2000. A friend of mine bought a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 for just £1,500 from the estate of a deceased pub owner in 2009. It had only 45,000 miles, was in immaculate condition with a full Jaguar service history and the spare tool and spare lamp assembly were still on shrink wrap! Don’t worry about being an eagle, no one wants this car due to its high running costs and street number plate credibility.

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