International shipping to Ghana? Learn more about sea freight to Ghana from USA

Items prohibited when shipping to Ghana

If you’re shipping to Ghana, newer items less than six months old are subject to certain customs duties. You are also not allowed to bring large amounts of food. If you are shipping medicines to Ghana, you will need a prescription unless the items you are shipping are for first aid purposes.

If you are shipping new electrical items to Ghana, your shipment of goods will be subject to customs duties and taxes.

Items prohibited when shipping to Ghana

If you are shipping to Ghana, please note that some items are not allowed or restricted with care. If you wish to ship firearms and weapons to Ghana, you will be required to obtain a special license and permits. This includes providing:

  1. proof of ownership
  2. Import License
  3. Police Withdrawal Permit
  4. License from the Ministry of the Interior

Items that you are not allowed to ship to Ghana include:

  • drugs
  • porn
  • Explosives
  • counterfeit money
  • Alcohol and other spirits are prohibited and must be sent separately

Vehicle shipping to Ghana

If you are interested in International Shipping to GhanaThere are some important information you should know in advance before shipping the vehicle. First of all, only left-hand drive cars are allowed to ship to Ghana. There is also a limit on the size of cars you can ship to Ghana with the fee increasing based on the size of the car.

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