International shipping to Ghana? Learn more about sea freight to Ghana from USA

Located in West Africa and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is known as a major producer of cocoa and gold. For those who ship to Ghana, the largest port in the country is Tema Port.

The port of Tema has 12 piers, a fishing port and a dry dock. Other shipping ports in Ghana include Takoradi Port, El Mina Port and Salt Pond Port.

If you are shipping to Ghana, you will need to have the required documents in order. Documents required for shipping to Ghana include:

  • passport
  • Transfer letter from the employer (if any)
  • Ghanaian Customs Form C.12
  • Complete Inventory (written in English, with values, dated and signed)
  • Fill out the PUBD form (“Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration”) at the airport of arrival.

Please note: Failure may result in penalty and delay

If you are shipping used household goods to Ghana, your shipment must arrive within 12 months of your arrival in the country.

Duty Free Shipping to Ghana

Regarding customs duties, you are allowed to ship used household goods duty free as long as you have owned the items for at least 6 months prior to shipment. Additionally, in order to qualify for duty-free shipping, you must plan to continue using your household items and not resell them.

For those wishing to ship used electrical appliances to Ghana, you can ship one used electrical appliance per household to Ghana duty-free. If you are interested in shipping multiple devices of the same type of used device, you are expected to pay customs duties and taxes.

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