How much does a video CV cost?

I’ll share with you some pricing secrets regarding video biographies or “family history documentaries,” as they are sometimes known. How much should you expect to pay and what can you hope to get for your hard-earned money in a video resume?

Video resumes gain prominence as a highlight of an anniversary, reunion, or important birthday. Often there is no such occasion, just a desire to pick up mom or dad stories, or some family genealogy, before it’s too late. As a recent survey by Allianz Insurance discovered:

Eighty-six percent of baby boomers (ages 47 to 66) and 74 percent of seniors (aged over 72) agree that family stories are the most important aspect of their legacy, before personal possessions (64 percent for baby boomers, and 58 percent for older people) and predicted inheritance for financial well-being.”

So, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to be persuaded about the importance of a video biography (or “family video documentary” if you prefer that term) and you’ll start to take it seriously. But how much does a video resume cost? There’s no point in asking about something you can’t stand, right?

Video CV price? Almost everything you want. (Wait, don’t run away, I’m going to blast the résumé with video “omerta” And I give you the actual market prices, just wait there). But I have to say that the price or cost of a video resume will depend on the features you hope to include. It makes sense, doesn’t it? but better than that There is no need cost a penny.

Zero dollar video resume pricing option
The most important part of any family history project is that you are just getting started. And you should never let money stop you from getting started – these are passion projects, not fashion (if you’re feeling adrift). And you can actually do a good job on your own.

You’ll need a decent video camera (promise me you won’t be using your phone or laptop – unless you really, truly You have no other options); Also the owner’s manual. lavalier microphone; A tripod stand. Oh, and a bright room with no direct sunlight on your subject. There are plenty of instructions on the web, just try Binging Family History Video to see some of the advice I’ve given elsewhere and then try this Video Biography Questions. You are on your way!

You might not have a family history documentary with this free option, but you saved a life with video.

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