Financial Book Review: The Bank Revolution Against Yourself by Pamela Yellen

“The bank strategy gives you over yourself a rare combination of collateral, security, liquidity and control. Your money grows by a guaranteed and predictable amount every year, and that growth gets better every year you have,” Pamela Yellen-“Bank revolution on yourself

Several years have passed since the publication of Bank On Yourself, Pamela Yellen’s first attempt to convey to a wide audience the benefits of using tailored whole life insurance in financial planning. Since that time, the world of perpetually fluid and imaginative personal finance has grown unfathomably and unpredictably.

As a certified Bank On Yourself consultant, I believe a sequel to the original Bank On Yourself book is long overdue. Which is why I am so pleased to see that this second, more comprehensive discussion of this truly unique cash management system has been published.

in the supplement, Bank revolution on yourselfYellen has gone to great lengths to deconstruct the Bank method on yourself in a way that makes it more accessible and understandable to the layman. It makes a brief, solid, but still sentimental case for using tailored, dividend-paying whole life insurance policies as tools to preserve and grow wealth. When put together properly, she says, these policies build cash value as quickly as possible and provide unparalleled safety and security.

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