Covering the meltdown in the USA

We pretty much know that the term Breakdown Cover is used in the UK, but of course Americans who usually do bigger things than everyone else also offer this policy sometimes as a roadside assistance policy and often have a generic name as a car club.

But while on paper the services are similar to breakdown coverage operations here in the UK, in reality the service can be in a consortium of its own. Foe’s example, anyone with experience driving on huge US highways will immediately see the difference in the size of the vehicles compared to back here in the UK.

It is not uncommon to see a huge camper van pulling a small car behind it. In the UK, this vehicle size would be equal to a cargo trailer, where a heavy cargo license is required to drive it. This difference in size means having training in assisting vehicles of this size and also having the mechanical strength to recover vehicles of this size in the form of a flatbed truck and potentially heavy crane lifting equipment.

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