CCC Valuescope & USAA Conspiracy to defraud, commit violations of RICO Act?

I am filing a consumer complaint against CCC Valuescope (CCCG) and my USAA insurance company for falsely claiming a fair “market value” for my vehicle.

My USAA insurer has breached its duty to exercise the utmost good faith towards the insured. Using CCC Valuescope (a company I claim is in violation of US federal RICO law) USAA intentionally gave me a fraudulently low valuation of my vehicle in the hope of obtaining an unreasonable and unfair settlement.

CCC Valuescope (formerly CCC Information Services Group Inc – CCCG) can in no way be considered a fair and market value vehicle because CCC Valuescope operates exclusively for insurance companies, and therefore has an economic interest in providing valuations that are intentionally lower than the actual fair market value For what insured vehicles are really worth.

It is well known throughout the insurance industry that CCC collects its values ​​from what auto dealers will sell the vehicle for at base wholesale prices, not the “true retail value of a vehicle of the same make and quality prior to the accident” as required by FL insurance regulations. Furthermore, CCC Valuescope uses a mix of previously leased, used, and abused vehicles among wrecked cars when compiling assessments to provide their insurers’ customers to pay total losses at the lowest possible “values” to offer their insured.

Ironically, nearly every vehicle in the CCC Valuescope rating for My Car is made up of vehicles with more than 20 records indicating issues such as accidents and defective cars. Among the reports, some cars had 28, 31 and 32 records.

Reducing costs and denying insured persons “maximum due diligence” can be documented historically against USAA starting with a class action against USAA in King County, Washington (March 12, 1999) for forcing auto repair shops to use “fake” parts for repairs, with the practice hidden in The same time for policy holders. Other than auto insurance, the USAA has filed countless complaints against it in 27 states across the country.

CCC Valuescope is not independent in its evaluations because it is a hired weapon for insurance companies! When conducting a VIN search on the vehicles under CCC Report 39813905, many of the vehicles had more than 20 records indicating multiple collisions, problems with the vehicle, and several changes in ownership. By relying on CCC’s intentionally low rating of my vehicle, USAA is in breach of its fiduciary duty to act in good faith in the processing of my claim. A fair and honest assessment of my claims cannot be made by the CCC as insurance companies are contracted for the primary purpose of reducing the money insurance companies pay to agents. Using the CCC Valuescope, it is clear that the USAA does not exercise “maximum due diligence” for my insured interest as required by Baxter v. Royal Indemnity.

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