Car Rental Fee Waiver – What do I need to know?

It must be admitted that “giving up a car rent increase” is a phrase that sounds bleak and is unlikely to immediately ring a bell in most people’s minds. It is actually a technical term used to describe an aspect of car rental insurance.

If the thought of reading about insurance hits the “NEXT” button, you may want to pause. Car rental insurance can be expensive and you have ways to save a lot of money – so it might be worth reading!

When you rent a car, the situation regarding insurance or which is not included in the rental price will vary greatly. In some countries such as the UK, it is now common to see some form of basic insurance included in the rental price. In fact, under UK law the rental car must come with at least unlimited third party liability included (this is the form of insurance to cover claims from other people that you have injured or their property with the rental car).

Rental car coverage

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