Car insurance, gas prices and economy

I don’t know about you, but whenever you pay another bill and the financial process seems to fizzle out a bit, there are always some other economic hurdles to climb again. Take the recent rise in gas prices, for example. Although some claim it is unimportant, this is definitely not the case. Aside from the usual stuff for homeowners, commercial maintenance and insurance costs as well as car maintenance premiums and coverage that don’t yield results, the price jump hits us all hard.

While diesel truck drivers can rightly complain about the ever-rising costs, the average car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, RV or ATV is now the painful slap in the wallet. Economists, as well as leading insurance companies, will tell you to fight back.

defend? How do you fight the war with gas pumps?

this is the way:

1. When shopping for a new car, choose one that has an excellent mileage record.

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