Business Process Outsourcing – Key Elements to Look for in Service Provider Proposals

  • credit transactions
  • Collection
  • Claims verification and adjudication
  • Responses to customer inquiries
  • Payroll and employee benefits management
  • Document renewals
  • Document preparation and management
  • Explain the benefits
  • Find the store
  • Electronic record storage
  • Mail room services
  • Create and manage databases.

Some companies also convert documents by digitizing, scanning, or microfilming. Important records can be stored in secure Internet repositories “vaults” for authorized access, and electronic records can be reformatted.

Most profitable companies

These industries are particularly well suited to gaining advantages from the flexibility and innovation that come with outsourcing agreements:

Insurance, financial services, healthcare, legal affairs, pharmaceuticals, utilities, manufacturing, catalog sales, direct mail marketing, transportation/logistics, publishing and government services.

Successful BPO partnerships require a solution provider with industry experience and critical knowledge that exceeds the client’s needs. This allows both parties to seamlessly exchange information, anticipate each other’s requirements, and coordinate workflow efficiently. Service providers must be intimately familiar with industry standards, regulatory compliance, and jurisdictions.

Ideally, an insightful provider will add value by proposing innovative approaches to meeting needs without increasing response time, cost, or internal procedures.

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